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Stacey Troutman


Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Philadelphia University

      I am a small town girl with urban flair!

I was destined to be a designer from an early age: drawing house plans in elementary school, pushing my parents furniture around the house with only the sheer body force of my half-grown self, wrapping material around my body to create fashion shows that I dreamed would one day grace the run ways, re-stacking the hay mows to create forts by tying the bales together, and finding an inventive way to get that pool I always wanted by lining my father's dump truck with a large rubber tarp and filling it with a hose; seems I always had the drive to problem solve, create, and alter the environment around me to content myself with spaces and forms that were reflective of who I was and what I desired. Now, as a professional, I take time to understand my clients needs and desires to create environments reflective of them!      


In 2012 I purchased The Furniture Center which operated from the exact store front it began 83 years prior.  Throughout the years we have changed our business model to include a variety of products and services, which prompted us to add "& Design Studio" to our name. In 2019, the business acquired a property just 1/2 mile away that serves as the new home for our business. While rooted in our home town, we regularly serve clients all over central Pennsylvania and beyond.

    Our founding principal is to serve people by helping them select appropriate home furnishings that fit their space, style, and budget. We started as a typical walk-in furniture store downtown, but have now evolved into an appointment-based showroom. Whether it's one sofa or an entire home of furnishings, our clients seek our expertise to guide their buying decisions. Our clients usually know what they like and rely on us to find it. Our clients like us to inspire them and bring to the table options they have not considered. Our clients are busy people who appreciate our knowledge and trust us to align with their visions and be sensitive to their lifestyles. We enjoy working with our clients during new construction and remodeling to help select finishes and truly incorporate all the aesthetics from start to finish. 

    If you are ready to update your home, contact Stacey to discuss how we can save your precious time and money by saving you from costly mistakes and multiple agonizing trips to the suppliers.  Allow us to professionally coordinate all of your materials, finishes, and furniture! 

Let's get started!

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